Thursday, February 15, 2018

News Flash! The Church Does Not Do Paradigm Shifts!

Thank George Weigel for that title.  He is correct.

Heterodox Cardinal Cupich gave an address in Cambridge England last week; here's the full text of the gibberish.entitled, "Pope Francis' Revolution Of Mercy: Amoris Laetitia As A New Paradigm Of Catholicity".  Not possible.  The Deposit of the Faith cannot change for it comes from God who is Himself immutable.  There can be no "paradigms" when it comes to Church doctrine and/or Church practice.  Anything that pretends to be a "new paradigm" is by definition heresy.

Section 1 of the thing, called "The Present Reality", contains a bald-faced lie.  It claims, "His description of the present reality in chapter 2 of Amoris relies heavily on the worldwide consultation of the faithful and the deliberations of the bishops at the 2014 and 2015 synods on marriage and family."  No, it doesn't.  Many of us reported on those two synods and how the deliberations of the bishops were disregarded and overruled by the select few in control.  But I really don't have time to wade through this gobblygoop.  FatimaPerspectives has a decent treatment of the mess.

The National Catholic Register informs us that Cupich will carry on his Amoralis Lamentia shilling in three seminars for the benefit (?) of US bishops.  He will be assisted by some of the usual gang of suspects: Cardinals Kevin Farrell, Donald Wuerl, Joseph Tobin, Bishop Robert McElroy.  Of course what would such seminars be without some key laypeople?  Therefore Kate Ward, former board member of Call to Action, is involved.

Please note in the Vortex below the references made to the two synods in 2014 and 2015.  These two synods were a sham, meant to lend legitimacy and pave the way for Amoralis Lamentia.  Voris also has some words to say about Cardinals Tobin and Cupich.  I must take issue with an implied belief that Pope Francis is merely too concerned with mercy so as to "let his strings be tugged".  The evidence is all too clear that Pope Francis is a willing and knowing accomplice, if not a leader, in these attempts to subvert our Faith.


  1. I do hop over to Church Militant once in a while, when there's an article there I'm interested in, but it ceased to be a daily thing for me quite some time ago....Michael Voris refuses to look at the elephant in the living room. I can't be bothered with all the bobbing and weaving he does to avoid any criticism of Francis. It's really disingenuous. He's not being honest with his viewers. And I'm wondering if he realizes how all these homosexual men at the top got there in the first place? By Francis own hand maybe??

    1. If you want to know why Voris does not criticize the Francis, follow the money!

  2. If I may suggest a title for the first conference of this seminar: "Heresy, and how to recognize it."

  3. God cannot contradict Himself and Truth does not change.


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