Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Schism In The Church Cannot Be Denied

Crisis Magazine published last week a very thoughtful article by Dennis Prager entitled "Why Judaism And Then Christianity Rejected Homosexuality".  I'd urge all to read it carefully - several times.  I think he's correct about the benefits of instilling Godly discipline of the procreative powers.  One might do well to intersperse that reading with the reading of Humanae Vitae.  One thing we can notice right off the bat is the correlation of the abolition of sexual restraint and the increase of coarseness and even violence in our society.  Interestingly enough, we even notice a proportional increase in the clamoring for governmental intervention in our lives, almost as if we (as a society) both crave the controls from government to replace our own abandoned self-control and the facilitation of hedonism.  That is why the Democrats, the party of baby-slaughter and sodomy, is also the party of socialism.

That article underscores the grave nature of the errors embodied in Amoralis Lamentia, particular Chapter 8 of the thing.  On February 3, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, president of the German Bishops' Conference, declared that priests and clergy can conduct "blessing ceremonies" for homosexual couples.  I put "blessing ceremonies" in quotes for it is impossible to bless mortal sin.  The attempt to do so is both blasphemy and sacrilege.  He stated this an in interview during which he also shilled for female deacons and married clergy.  Why didn't he just throw abortion in there for good measure?  Cardinal Marx still retains his position - unlike several faithful priests who were kicked to the curb for upholding the Church's teachings on homosexuality, etc.

Not only does the pope fail to utter one word of correction (let alone rebuke) against this flagrant disobedience to God's commands, but he gives honor to yet another dissident cleric.  Father Jose Tolentino Calaca De Mendonsa (hereafter just called Fr. Tolentino for obvious reasons) is rector of the Cathedral of Lisbon.  He recently wrote the introduction to a book called "Feminist Theology In History".  That book sounds like a hoot, doesn't it?  It's written by a faix-nun who is both pro-abortion and pro-sodomy.   LifeSiteNews has details of the gibberish found in this "introduction".  Now consider that Pope Francis selected Tolentino to preach at his 2018 Lenten retreat.  One can only imagine the kind of poison that will be served to the pope and the others at that retreat - not that they are unaccustomed to this poison for they produce enough of it themselves.

At One Peter Five we read an article entitled "Approval For Blessings Of Homosexual Couples Equivalent To Founding A New Church".  The logic behind that statement is very simple.  In the authentic Church, mortal sin can never be blessed.  To insinuate that such is possible is to concoct an alien moral theology.  It would attempt to redefine moral truths.  In order to do that, it would have to redefine a different deity, for the One True God, immutable as He is, cannot change His word.

So now we see an attempt to deform the Catholic Faith, the One True Church, into something completely alien to the Bride of Christ as He established her.  Is this part and parcel of creating a "one-world religion" for a "new order"?  This is not the first attempt that progressives made towards this goal.  I believe they floated a trial balloon with the issue of capital punishment.  This current pope and many progressives espoused a position to abolish capital punishment altogether - a complete divergence from Church tradition.  Enough people are ambivalent about capital punishment so they weren't alert to the danger this posed to the Deposit of Faith.  Now they are getting more brazen.

Will some of us now take off the rose-colored glasses to admit that this pontificate is dangerous?  In the face of the overwhelming evidence, their denial of the facts can be considered willful - and sinful.  I ask them to please stop being part of the problem and to pray and speak out for the Church.


  1. They are in the process of creating the 'Anti Church' as spoken about by JPll years ago. He saw it coming as did Benedict. The only thing Bergoglio has done differently is put their project on the fast track. The Church revolution on steroids. Things are happening so fast in fact, that it's hard to keep up with it all. I do think that Our Lord is pulling back the curtain so as to wake up as many as possible.

  2. Agreed, to all of it, and here is another possible indicator of Heaven allowing us the illusion of the destruction of the Church, the faith, and Natural Law. When was the last Marian apparition, the Medjugorje debacle notwithstanding. I do not believe there has been a Marian apparition in how many years, one that was compelling along the lines of Akita and Fatima. Have the admonitions and appeals ended, as things progress and the sheep choose Whom they will serve, God or Satan.
    All the world seems suspended, holding it's breath, what will come next, more chaos and disruption, or the moment when God will reveal His response.

  3. Where is the Episcopate? The time to call an Imperfect Council and dipose this satanical Pope is LONG past due!


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