Friday, May 11, 2018

Why We Write

My blogging colleague at Tenth Crusade touched upon this topic and I'd like to add my two cents.  Some have chided me in the past, saying my "negativity" will chase away the impressionable from the One True Faith.  I believe that is incorrect and daresay that some who say this to me may be struggling with denial at the mess that is emanating from this papacy.

What will scandalize in the face of the heresy from the Vatican is a lack of truthful speaking from those of us who are striving to adhere to the Teachings of Jesus Christ as found in His Church.  We simply must provide the antidote for the modernist, progressive bile coming from the papacy and from heretical parishes.

Case in point.  We know that there are good young people striving to be faithful to the Church and her teachings.  What would you think would hurt them more?  This blog (and others like it) or this thing that came from the pope?

These poor kids get mocked by their peers, teachers, culture at large.  Now we see that the pope is hurling the same crap at them.  We are needed to tell these kids that they should stay the course.  If they seem "rigid" to the world, it's because the Teachings of Christ, like Christ Himself, are immutable.  God does not "change His mind".  Faithful Catholics need encouragement and affirmation to counter the poison and spite that is shot at them from progressives, even if these progressives occupy high places in the Church hierachy.


  1. You are exactly correct. Keep up the good work!

    1. Besides, this is not the times for misguided ecumenism, false kindness/mercy or diluted "feel-good" Catholicism.

  2. 100% true. I have young people in my family, and I have to watch them slip away from Catholicism, because frankly there is no where to send them. Now you can say, oh you can teach them the real faith, but that is easy to say and hard to do, when their parents are not informed nor interested, it becomes a real challenge. We personally just got de-priested, once again, the third time in the last four years our priest saying the Latin Mass has been removed. Our CT diocese seems to want to appear as if they are offering the Latin Rite, but not actually offer it, or offer it and then like a disappearing bunny into the hat, your priest is gone.
    So into this type of environment, and our world with fading Christendom growing more faint each day, yes, there needs to be a voice of dissension, even though positivity has become THE cardinal virtue above all others except tolerance.

  3. BRAVO!! Our sentiments exactly.
    The world, the flesh, the devil and the Pope are making it almost impossible for our children and grandchildren ( and ourselves, I might add) to obey Christ's call to holiness: "Be perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect." Matt 5: 48 (CCC # 2013)

    Fall we will, that's our human condition and that is why Christ also gave us the Sacrament of Confession. Not to be hypocrites but to repent and be forgiven.

  4. Oh, may I be "rigid" like Christ! This pope began to ostracize faithful Catholics from the get-go. And now the few holy youth left are feeling his VERY unmerciful bite. Rather he wants to hear from the atheist youth or youth from another form of religion who say that the Church must change and be with the immoral times. It really burns me! Yes, this pope who says there is grace in cohabitation and maybe not in a marriage. That is a lie from the pit of hell. Oh, and that is only one small heresy that has been set before us. Now generally he likes to work his heresies through others and sit back and let them fly. We are in a sad, bad time of the Church and we need to be awake to it and be determined to hang in there and keep our eyes on Jesus and Mary. Yes, we need to be aware of the scandals so we can pray but we must not let the heresies and scandals deter us from the path to salvation.

  5. Jesus's body was fixed, rigid, to the Cross with the nails we pounded thru His hands. Each time He tried to move to an upright position, to make Himself stand rigid so He could get one more breath, He pushed up on the nails we hammered thru His feet. And then we took His dead body down, before rigor mortis set in, and placed it before His mother who, for following centuries we would beg to pray for us, the "us" who did this to her Son, now and at the hour of our deaths which would rarely be so pain-filled and so gruesome. We took the rigid body of her Son and put it in a dark tomb. And then we walked away. Guy McClung, Texas


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