Sunday, May 13, 2018

Are Texas Bishops Violating RICO As They Cover For Border Crashers?

On Friday, Church Militant TV released a Vortex that states that the Diocese of Dallas TX may be in violation of the RICO statute owing to its sheltering of illegal aliens, that is, border-crashers.  That bishop is Edward Burns

The Dallas diocese is a suffragan of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, headed by Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Sillar.  Listen to his "statement on immigration".  He clearly parrots the progressive talking-points and obfuscates the all-important fact that these "immigrants" have crashed our borders knowingly, flouting US laws right at the onset.

In the video, Voris opines that the motives of the Texas bishops may by the filling of their pews.  I might add that another, perhaps more overriding motive might be the filling of their coffers.  Nearly four years ago it was revealed that Catholic Charities of Dallas received $823 thousand in federal grants (i.e., our tax dollars) to "resettle refuges".   Two years ago, we learned that one of those "refugees" that the Diocese of Dallas assisted went on to commit acts of terrorism in Ohio.  I daresay that this diocese has the blood of those injured on their hands.  How many more thugs and terrorists will these bleeding-heart and brain-bereft progressives in miters aid and abet?  Given Garcia-Sillar's sniveling, enough to keep the federal $$$ headed their way.

Since the local police departments seem to be in cahoots with the Dallas chancery, we may wish to ask Governor Greg Abbott to investigate this matter, and insist that he not demure simply because bishops are involved.  It is his responsibility to protect the citizens of Texas from invading threats, even if conniving bishops are aiding and abetting the invasion.  It does appear that they are violating RICO statutes.  Voris says that there will probably be updates to this latest bishop scandal.


  1. We need to slay this "spirit of VII" soon!

  2. These men are progressives. Their political ideology trumps their religious sensibilities, whatever that means to them nowadays.

  3. Where in the Gospel does it say it is okay to disobey legitimate laws of your country?

  4. Catholic writer Chris Manion has written a lot on this issue. Here's a sample of his writing:

    "For years, the bishops’ highest priority has been to legalize amnesty for illegal aliens and welcome more of them. Since 2009, bishops celebrated Obama’s sanctuary cities, his unilateral DACA “Dreamer” declaration, and his virtual suspension of immigration law. The bishops’ welfare agencies – Catholic Charities USA and Catholic Relief Services – received generous federal funding that increased every year under Obama – and today they amount to little more than secular federal NGO’s with a “Catholic” label.

    "And that isn’t all. Under Obama, additional funding amounting to hundreds of millions of federal taxpayer dollars a year went to the bishops through various channels for services provided to refugees, illegal minors and aliens, and other immigrants (the bishops’ DC office will not reveal just how much federal funding they receive for those operations).

    "But then came 2016. Like virtually everyone else on the Left, the bishops fully expected Hillary Clinton to win. Undoubtedly that would have assured that their federal funding would continue.

    "Trump’s unexpected victory delivered a traumatic shock to the system that threatened the bishops’ entire welfare infrastructure. They quickly realized that, while they were quietly grateful for Trump’s pro-life policies, those policies brought the bishops no funding. The big money came in programs that the president was determined to reduce or eliminate.

    "Ever since Trump’s victory, the bishops waged a frantic campaign to keep the money flowing.

    "Pity our bishops. What are they to do? They are good men. But they are not strong men. And, lest we forget, they need the money."

    More here:


  5. If they cannot impeach Trump after this Fall, their only hope is to get these illegals to vote in 2020. Read the Palmieri Memo. Democrats care not for the people, they care for the votes. And if those on the various Democrat Plantations vote 104% for A democrat, so much the better. I referred to RICO in my article re the bishops defrauding us of billion$s, link: Sadly, these bishops in the USA have absolutely no reason to listen to any of the faithful; but also sadly, with them MONEY TALKS and usually is shouts. Guy McClung, Texas

  6. The USCCB is filled with traitors. They have taken hundreds of millions by now at least 2 billion of TAX dollars to 'help' these invaders. Where are all the children that came in a few years ago? Our church and other 'religious' organizations aided and abetted what I observe is trafficking.
    This constant flow has serious consequences. TIME article speaks of missing children. The US Bishops should tell their counterparts in Latin America to help put a stop to this, but no, it is lucrative. This makes me sick for the children/parents and American taxpayers. DACA go home too. This is a takeover attempt by the left and the right for different reasons and our borders, language and culture is impacted.


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