Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Red Hen Is Losing Its Feathers

I've been seeing several shots of the "greeting" on Red Hen of Lexington VA's business phone.  One must say it's rather unique in its application of basic marketing principles - you know, the ones about being welcoming, inviting, friendly, etc as being necessary to draw customers.  See for yourselves


Wasn't that charming?  Just full of that much-fabled southern hospitality?

Are the brains of the owners of Red Hen in Lexington VA (not to be confused with other local restaurants with the same name) so addled by progressivism that they are totally devoid of any business sense?  Or common sense?

Let’s assume that an out-of-state traveler, having no knowledge of the treatment of Sarah Sanders, was simply looking for a place to eat.  They would most likely find this greeting to be outright rude. It is rude.  Whatever happened to "choose civility"?

It is also stupid from a business viewpoint (among others).  One does not attract customers by addressing them in a snarky and condescending manner.  I’m sure many stayed away after hearing that screed: not only conservatives but liberals who did not appreciate the vitriol in that greeting.

I understand that a “gofundme” account has been set up to support the Wilkinsons because of their so-called “bold” actions that night – actions that included stalking Mrs Sanders as she left the Red Hen to go to another restaurant.  Now why would Ms Wilkinson stalk Mrs Sanders like that? Didn’t she have a restaurant to run that evening? But I digress.  This “gofundme” account is most likely meant to supplement the restaurant revenues that are tanking because decent people will not step one foot in the place. Maybe she can ask her cousin Meryl Streep to bail her out.

Getting back to the phone greetings, I was curious so I attempted to call the Red Hen myself.  Here's what I got.

Alrighty then!  That should get the clientele flocking back to the restaurant in a jiffy!  Calling restrictions!  When did they teach that in "Marketing 101"?  These "red hen" dumb clucks are losing it big time!  Well, they made their bed and now they can lay in it.  If this restaurant goes belly-up, it will be no great loss.


  1. The Demon-crats are totally unhinged!

  2. Hurt em in the wallet. If decency has been lost, what else is there but hurt them financially by voting with your feet. What a sad state of affairs. This is what cultural devolution looks like.
    But at least let them go out of business, as a cautionary tale for others.

  3. Talk about intolerant BIGOTS and a "hate crime". So it is okay to refuse service to someone you politically disagree with but must make a cake or do flowers for a homosexual "marriage"? We are one step below violence and it is being promoted, payed for , and fomented. When you have jerks like Di Niro using profanity at an awards show and the wealthy Hollywood bigots applauding that, you know that civility is most certainly lost and that their hatred and intolerance is not leading to anything good.

  4. That "if you smell like a Trump supporter" male voice message is obviously a prank. Pretty funny though.

    1. Why is it "obviously a prank"? I saw several clips of that. If they were stupid enough to follow Sanders to another restaurant, they'd be brainless enough to make that recording.


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