Sunday, September 15, 2019

Talk A New Church Into Being

Watch this video.  The pope is announcing some sort of meeting commencing May 14, 2020.  Let's cut through the bovine manure.  He states that the purpose of this gabfest is to coordinate brainwashing education efforts to build some sort of "village" - that is, a new-world order utopia completely devoid of God and any thought of eternity.  Obviously he is borrowing ideas from Hillary Clinton and her book.  He is asking religious and political leaders to sign a "global pact for a new humanism".  That was his one mention of the word "religious".  I listened carefully.  This Vicar of Christ didn't utter the name of Jesus Christ or even God once during this entire screed.

Related to this attempt to undermine the Faith is his call for us to "obey the United Nations".  The Gloria article outlines nicely how antithetical to Jesus's teachings this is. See the video below and go to the 27:27 mark for the exact quote from the pope's Sept 10th plane conference.

On Friday I posted the call to prayer and fasting that was issued by Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider.  They also issued a document listing several areas in which the direction of the synod would lead the Church to massive theological departures from Sacred Tradition, maybe departures so severe that they would lead to schism.  I believe the pope realizes that too.  That is why I believe he went into preemptive damage control - to shift blame on us who would simply be pointing out the havoc that he is wreaking.

The pope himself seems unafraid of schism.  That is what he claims, and I believe that he is being quite frank.  Archbishop Vigano gave an interview last month in which he stated that next month's synod could be the culmination of a centuries-old plan by Freemasons to desconstruct the Church and to bring on a "new church".

Zenit has published the transcript of the Sept 10th interview.  Here it is.

Recall Matt's words that the possible schism.  If the Amazon sin-nod doesn't do that, this May 14, 2020 gabfest just might well do it.

Just to reiterate the progressives' desire for a "new church", let me call from your long-suppressed nightmares the farce from 10 years ago from Call to Action..


  1. This whole 'obey the UN' thing is nothing less than diabolical and those who promote it are servants of the evil one.

  2. Thank you for this. I watched the video here from Call to Action. This is blasphemous. The priest couldn't use the name of The Father he had all of these other names and uses inclusive language.
    After I watched this I turned on Mother Angelica and she calls out Call to Action!!! You all must watch this Mother Angelica Classic Jan 31 1995.
    After Mass this morning I saw these things. Please watch Mother .

  3. I liked the puppets, but that was about all. They better hurry up and build their new church; the overwhelming majority of those grey haired people will be gone before you know it.


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