Friday, February 21, 2020

CCHD = Catholics Colluding with Homosexual Deviants

What else would you call this?  I'm talking about the (drum roll, please!) "41st Annual Social Minstry Convocation".  It will happen Saturday, Feb 29, at Mercy High School in Baltimore MD. 

Take a visual stroll through this flyer.  It's chock-full of the usual "social justice" dribble: environmentalism, poverty, immigration, etc, with one striking addition.  Item 9 touts a workshop entitled "Why Our Parishes Need LGTBQ+ Ministries" - for safe places and all that!  You notice there's no talk of assisting these people out of their sinful lifestyles.  Given what we've seen of St. Ignatius and their group, we could safely surmise that these "ministries" aren't much more than dating services for deviants.  In other words, these "ministries" are about the sordid business of cooperating with mortal sin.  Is that what they mean by "social ministry"?

Now go to the very last page, the registration section.  To whom does one make their check to attend this gab-fest?  Why, to CCHD/Archdiocese of Baltimore!  So the Archdiocese of Baltimore is actually putting on this claptrap?  Well, let's look at their own webpage versus the flyer, which was found on St Matthew's site.  Shrewdly they did not post that flyer on their own site, but they do tout this "convocation".   Now look at the subpage for the awards presented.  You see that the same awards mentioned are similar to those in the flyer.  Despite their attempts to be discreet about their pro-gay shilling, Baltimore's CCHD has been caught with its hand in the cookie jar, so to speak.

So can one imagine CCHD facilitating sinful conduct?  Would they do it for any other destructive lifestyle choices, like usage of "recreational" drugs?  Well, yes.  Nationwide, they have given grants to marijuana farms and funded needle-exchange programs

As if we needed it, here is yet another reason to boycott the next CCHD collection.  For Baltimore, that will happen in November.  If you need additional reasons to boycott the collection, I'm sure some will sprout up between now and November.

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