Sunday, October 18, 2020

No Wonder Progressives Rail Against The Death Penalty!

 A few days ago I put up a post containing Taylor Marshall's commentary about the perversion that a priest committed atop the altar of his parish church, in effect desecrating it with his gross sacrilege.  Taylor mentions that the altar is symbolic of Christ Himself; that is why there are five crosses carved into each Catholic altar.  He noted that in more sane and reverent times, such deliberate desecration and sacrilege would have garnered the death penalty for the perpetrator.

He said this in passing, and I was prepared to let it remain a lesser point.  However, this is NOT the first time that a Catholic altar was desecrated - not so much with sexual perversion as with rank idolatry.  I remind you of this outrage, right after the pachamama idols were tossed in the Tiber.  This detailed what happened during the closing Mass of that climate-change gabfest during which the pachamamas desecrated the Vatican gardens and several Catholic churhes before being hurled into the Tiber.  As you watch the video of the Mass, take notice of how many times the camera zooms onto that plant.  Then the plant is placed on the altar in direct disobedience to the GIRM.  Take note particularly from 55:38 to 56:20.  Recall from the previous paragraph that any Catholic altar is representative of Christ Himself - and that defilements of said altars at one time were punished via the death penalty.

I'm going to link now to an article in Catholic World Report, where the author directs three questions to opponents of the death penalty.  These questions, in my opinion, reduce to shreds any attempt to vilify the death penalty.  But have you noticed that among death penalty opponents are all proponents of abortion, gay perversions along with heretics and those who blaspheme and commit vile sacriledge?  One might ask why, but I think the answer to that is quite obvious; they know that in a saner time, they themselves would be eligible for capital punishment.  Let us pray that these people come quickly to repentance.


  1. Yes, as you indicate those who advocate unlimited killing of innocent life invariably, it seems, refuse the legitimate imposition of the death penalty for non-innocent life.

  2. Mistake alone makes imposition of the death penalty rather troubling. See the cultist above, who makes the mistake, by assuming "non-innocent." The sane among us aka everyone not in your disaster of an organization, well, you all once had unbaptized infants going to this place called limbo, and was insane, and that because your insane notion of original sin is found nowhere in the bible. Quite the opposite in fact. See some wondering in the wilderness, yet their children were allowed to go in. And you know how it went, right, fear is contagious, especially for little children, so undoubtedly more than a few were as afraid as mom and dad, yet they shall go in, to them He he will give it, they shall possess it. Only utter nimrods think the story was simply about some dirt in a place now called Israel. As the one NT work reports, all that was lesson for us. So limbo was insane ramblings of some nutters who simply could not understand that which they claim to believe in. And wasn't the first and only time for such insanity. One, me, was hoping that you cultists would learn from that, but apparently not. And tell that miscreant named Vigano that he is as old as me, so he was around for all of it, and wasn't exactly a peon, so why no word from him until the cat was well out of the bag? He didn't exactly have some spiritual awakening or conversion, so why? What was it my namesake wrote? With well turned words... See Vigano for living proof.


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