Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Archbishop Gregory Kissing Up To Biden

 Well, that didn't take long, did it?  There isn't yet certainty as to the outcome to the election, but Archbishop Gregory has already started bowing and scraping before Bumblin Biden.  Reuters reports that Gregory wants to seek "common ground" with Biden.  That shouldn't be too hard to find for they actually have quite a bit.  Gregory claims that they differ on abortion (by how much is anyone's guess) but judging from Gregory's already cozy associations with LGTB elements, he and Biden may well see eye to eye on those issues.  

Note in that video how Gregory aspires to be a "bridge-builder".  Now doesn't that term sound familiar?  The archbishop is in Rome at present, awaiting the bestowal of the cardinal's red hat that will be bestowed on him this coming Saturday.  While there, he openly stated that he plans to give Biden Holy Communion.  That is, he plans to violate Canon 915 and to formally and materially cooperate with Biden's mortal sin of receiving Holy Communion sacrilegiously.  That cooperation, of course, is its own mortal sin.

I know the Archdiocese of Washington keeps its beady little eyes on this blog, who would the designated silent troll please pass the message in the following video to your bosses?  Pray that it will do some good.  Thank you.


  1. If +Gregory refuses to do anything about Biden, that is his choice. However, why should any faithful Catholic listen to what he has to say about faith and morals

    1. I never listened to the Holy Wilton to begin with!


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