Thursday, July 29, 2010

NEA: Why Public Schools Are Down The Crapper

World Net Daily, in an online article, exposed the adulation that the National Education Association bestowed upon Chairman Mao and the Communist Revolution in China.  It suggested October 1st as a day to celebrate that event.  Since the WND article went online, the NEA attempted to sanitize its own site by removing incriminating evidence.  Alas, WND cached it, so it remains for the world to see! 

To briefly summarize what the Communist thugs did to China, I'll give some bullets:
  • Persecution of all religions, from the Catholic Church to Tibetan Buddhism, with imprisonment and brutal treatment of leaders
  • The "one-child" policy, resulting in forced abortions and sterlilzations, and now a great gender imbalance amongst the people
  • Tieneman Square - remember that?
John Dewey, about whom I've written in earlier posts, did much to contrive the mess known as public education.  He is considered the "father of modern education".  While that itself is true, I don't think that is necessarily an honor.  Read the entire WND article to learn how he enthused about communism.   Those of you with school-age children, home-schooling is a viable option, and probably the one that will best enable your children not to lose their souls and their minds.

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