Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bailing From The "Obama Sinking Ship"

There have been two prominent defections from the Obama camp within the past few days.  These "defections" seem to have been precipitated by some awakening.  I commend these two individuals for their honesty and courage.

The first epiphany is that of Artur Davis, a former co-chair for Obama's 2008 campaign.  Among other things, he cites his disagreement with the punitive taxation of businesses by the Obama administration.

The second is that of Jo Ann Nardelli, a Pennsylvania Democrat leader who rightly values her Catholic faith and its moral teachings over party affiliation.  For her, it was Obama's support for "gay marriage" that awakened her to the direction of the Democratic party.  I recommend her example to the progressives who prowl the dank, dreary halls of the USCCB building.

Welcome, Artur and Jo Ann!  May many more join you!

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