Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Femicide - Courtesy Of Planned Parenthood

A few days ago in Des Moines IA, the Messiah Most Miserable had this to say about abortion and Planned Parenthood: "We don't need another political fight about ending women's right to choose or getting rid of Planned Parenthood."  Of course that was before the latest Planned Parenthood debacle was brought to light by Lila Rose and her Live Action group.

They did another "sting" of Planned Parenthood - this one in Austin Texas.  Here is the account on the Live Action site.  Click here if you can't see the embedded video.

"Rebecca" was soon fired by that Planned Parenthood after the incident.  The left-leaning Media Matters has news of that, plus the usual progressive spin on the latest Planned Parenthood embarrassment.  Isn't it just adorable how they start off by calling Lila Rose "discredited"?  They don't say why!  I guess they hope that if they repeat that word "discredited" enough, folks will believe it (and some will, like good little lemmings).  Anyway, they fired "Rebecca" because she "did not follow our protocol for dealing with a highly unusual patient scenario."  Let me translate - Rebecca was fired "because she gave prima facie evidence to Lila Rose that Planned Parenthood really doesn't give a rat's rump about women."  Read closely the third paragraph of the Huffington quote.  Notice how they acknowledge that PP will perform sex-selection abortions?  Of course that means that mostly girls will be aborted.  Hence the term "femicide".

Along these lines, the House of Representatives will vote tomorrow on H.R. 3541, "Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act" (PRENDA).  Introduced by Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona, it would restrict sex-selection and race-selection abortions.  Abortion is targeted at minorities, per the diabolical purposes of PP's foundress, Margaret Sanger.  Pick up any phone book and notice the physical location of the abortion mills - in areas with high minority populations.

Marylanders!  PRENDA is co-sponsored by our own Andy Harris and Roscoe Bartlett!  Thank you, gentlemen!

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  1. This may be of interest to blog readers: the pro-life Susan B. Anthony (SBA) List has an online petition about PRENDA.


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