Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ADW - Starting The "Fortnight" On The Wrong Foot

First, I thank Kurt, the commenter on my Fortnight announcement for alerting me to this Archdiocesan gaffe. They are starting off the two-week period with a "celebration" on Sunday June 24th at George Washington University.  Everything Kurt says about GW is true - and then some!

GW is a bastion for progressive brainwashing of young people.  It has a pro-abortion group called "Voices for Choices".  As you look at this website, you'll notice a tab called "clinic escorting".  They actively recruit for the DC-area "clinic escorts", that is, accessories to baby murder.  I am all too aware of their presence at the death mills.  Fortunately they don't seem to stick around; the reality of what they're doing no doubt is a stark contrast to the fables that "Voices" feeds them.

Moreover, GW is the lurking ground for law professer John Banzhaf.  If the name rings a bell, it's because twice last year, he filed two frivolous lawsuits against the Catholic University of America.  Between last October and November, I wrote about a lawsuit he filed ostensibly on behalf of some Muslim students for not having rooms without Catholic symbols so that they could engage in Muslim prayers.  I said "ostensibly" because the students themselves had no interest in this lawsuit; they apparently had the good sense to realize that at a Catholic institution one can expect to find Catholic symbols.  Earlier in June he had filed suit against CU when the latter re-instituted single-sex dorms, claiming discrimination.  In November the DC Human Rights Commission tossed that suit in the junk-heap.

And the Archdiocese wants to pay thousands to George Washington University?  Speaking of Catholic University, don't they have large enough facilities for such a celebration, such as a basket ball stadium?  In these days when institutions like GW have us in their sights, why give them Catholic money?  Why not give it to another Catholic institution, especially one that has had its share of barbs heaved its way?

The ADW should have done better than that.  I pray that they reconsider.

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