Monday, December 24, 2012

Frustrated White Male Privilege

"What is that?", you might ask.  Well, I bring you "glad tidings of joy", for you need wallow in your ignorance no longer.  According to the (dubiously) learned Hugo Schwyzer, "frustrated white male privilege" is a root cause of the Sandy Hook and other mass shootings.  "And just who in blue blazes is Hugo Schwyzer?" might be your next question.  Why, he's a professor at Pasadena City College who teaches history AND (wait for it!) gender studies!  You see, he thinks all white males are taught that "the world is supposed to be your oyster".

Only a left-wing professor (probably tenured) could dream up that crap; of course the "gender studies" is a contributing factor to that intellectual malfeasance.  Additional manifestations of Schwyzer's proclivities, according to the National Review article, are profanity-laden and pro-gun-control tweets he let out in the wake of the Newtown shootings.  In other words, he won't control his potty-mouth but wants to grab our guns.

I'm sure there will be other "enlightened" theories.  I suppose there'd be no room to ascribing responsibility for Lanza's actions to Lanza himself?

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