Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fallout From Maryland's Marriage Mutilation Law Begins

The Christian owner of Discover Annapolis Tours has decided to suspend his wedding transportation services rather than face suit for not aiding and abetting "gay marriage" vis-a-vis transportation services.  He plans to petition the Maryland General Assembly to recognize his right (and the rights of others) to live by their own religious convictions.  Until then, he is acting on the advice of his attorney.  I link now to the Annapolis Patch article regarding the situation.  Do read the comments.  You'll notice that at least one person  (Mike) who supports "gay marriage" at least respects the rights of Christians and others to determine how and with whom they'll conduct their private enterprise.

This is just the first harbinger of things to come, as we find ourselves facing legal repercussions for acting on our First Amendment religious beliefs.  We stand and resist now - or never.

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