Monday, December 31, 2012

University Of Maryland Follies

We hear of the "evils" of "big tobacco", "big banks", "big pharmaceuticals", etc etc.  However, we hear not one peep of the evils of Big Education.  But that's where blogs such as this one fill in the gap.

Amid all the wailing and moaning about funds that issue forth from Annapolis, I find the University of Maryland's funding priorities to be rather misplaced, to say the least.  They have allocated $15,000.00 to combat - wait for it! - drums and trumpets please! ... NON-INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE!  

Such are the funding priorities of the former 1960s hippies that are now university officials and tenured professors.  Whereas they once occupied and blocked Route 1 (an annual ritual at one time), now they work the same mischief from their offices.

Does $15k sound like a trifle?  Dear Maryland citizens, the UofMD is a state institution, funded in part by our tax dollars (that's why we pay "in-state" rates when we attend).  This "program" is an abysmal waste of our tax dollars.

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