Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pope Francis Joins Italian March For Life

In today's "Marcia per la Vita" in Rome, the pope (in popemobile of course) went into the street where the marchers were congregating and greeted them in person.  Obviously this is a first.  I'll let you all read the Lifesite News report and to take a gander at the picture of the Holy Father.

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  1. I just rejected two comments, both from the same source in Hyattsville. Understand that when I say I will delete things that violate courtesy and show disrespect to the Magisterium, I mean it. If you wish to be published, you will NOT refer to the Holy Father as "(non) pope". You will NOT complain about sex education by spewing pornography yourself. Oh, by the way. Pope Francis is from Argentina, not Belgium.


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