Monday, May 27, 2013

Catholic Charities Sits On Board Of An Advocate For Planned Parenthood

Catholic Charities of the USA is a dues-paying member of Coalition on Human Needs.  CCUSA Senior Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs, Lecreda Cobbs, sits on CHN's board as a representative of CCUSA.

From LifesiteNews and American Life League we learn that Coalition on Human Needs fought against federal funding cuts for Planned Parenthood and Title X family planning in 2011.  I refer you to the LifesiteNews link for further details.

I will highlight this.  CCUSA disavows accountability for CHN's advocacy of abortion.  Rubbish.  Catholic Charities isn't just a low-level member organization.  It sits on CHN's board of directors; that entails a high level of accountability.  And even if CCUSA wasn't on the board of directors, CHN's actions in championing the largest baby-killing chain in existence should have warranted Catholic Charities' immediate resignation of membership and cessation of all relationship.

I've moved beyond asking for reform of Catholic Charities.  It needs to be abolished as it has become so entangled with governmental monies as to be irreparably corrupted, as I've documented in the past.

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