Sunday, January 26, 2014

Baby Munoz's Execution Has Begun

Last Friday, in Fort Worth Texas, a judge ordered John Peter Smith Hospital to disconnect the life support from Marlise Munoz who was declared brain-dead.  She is 22 weeks pregnant with her second child.  Her husband and various doctors had been fighting for discontinuance of life support.

Operation Rescue and others had encouraged demonstrations at the hospital and that the hospital CEO be contacted to encourage the hospital to appeal this ruling.  I have just received word that at 11:30 am today the life support was disconnected.  By now I fear it's too late to save the child.

So now he/she has died, much in the manner of Terri Schiavo nine years ago.  While I realize the husband is mourning the loss of his wife, I cannot fathom how he would not have wanted their child to live.  The judge's ruling was bizarre, even from a so-called "pro-choice" position.  He based his ruling on the premise, "she could have chosen to abort".  Most abortions happen at or earlier than 12 weeks.  Had Marlise been so inclined, she most likely would have done so much earlier.  All indications were that she wanted to give birth.  I say this not because the baby's worth is predicated on someone's "choice" but to make plain that the judge's ruling reflects the callousness and disregard for life.  In short, those who engage in such disregard are starting to shed the "pro-choice" schtick and let it be known that they're "pro-abortion."

Now the question is, "when will the people in the church pews wake up and act to stop this cultural/moral degradation?"

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