Monday, January 27, 2014

The Poisonous Filter Of Feelings

Michael Voris asked yet another question of young March for Life attendees: "Do you think the Catholic church is superior to all other religions?"  50% answered no; some of them gave an all-too-common reason for their answer; they were afraid of hurting the feelings of another.  Here is the video, but when you're finished watching it please scroll below it to see additional comments.

Towards the end, Voris challenged the Catholic youth to grow up and to be heroes.  Truth be told, I perceived a tad too much rebuke in his tone, rebuke that is out of proportion with their culpability.  Perhaps that would have been more appropriately directed at their parents and/or other mentors who should have been giving solid teaching and guidance to the kids during their formative years.  For those who have recalcitrant parents and/or teachers, "growing up" can be quite a trick.  Would that Voris had suggested some real assistance to them.  Here's where I might fill in the gap.  First, they're going to have to do some reading and studying on their own.  A few suggested reading materials are below.
  • This Is The Faith: A Complete Explanation Of The Catholic Faith by Canon Francis Ripley.  This is excellent; I cannot praise it enough.  TAN Books publishes it, but it is also available on Amazon.
  • Any of the audio cassette series by Servant of God Father John Hardon, available from  They're available in MP3 format as well.  I'd suggest starting with "Profession of Roman Catholic Faith", "The Ten Commandments" and "The Sacraments"

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