Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pray For Hans Kung - He Is In Mortal Danger

Hans Kung, wildly dissident theologian who has paved the way for so much spiritual chaos in the Church, is in grave danger.  The 85-year old has Parkinson's - and is considering assisted suicide.  If he does so, he not only will end his own earthly life, but may well seal his own eternal damnation.  By far the latter is the greater peril.

Some may hope his Parkinson's reduces his culpability.  I would entertain no such hope.  Consider that the man has been both priest and theologian all his life.  He is well-acquainted with the teachings of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Teaching Magisterium of the Church.  He may not assent to the truth, but he knows what the Church teaches.  Moreover, he is aware of any Catholic's solemn obligation to adhere to the Church's teachings.

In making these reckless statements, Kung puts forth a putrid example to those who are confused and doubtful of Jesus Christ.  If he follows through with his reckless ambition, he will bring spiritual danger to at least one other person.  "Assisted suicide" is murder; he will seek someone to murder him.  That willing accomplice will jeopardize his/her own immortal soul by committing the capital sin of murder.

Let us pray that Kung repents of his hideous plan and his dissidence in general.  He doesn't have much time.

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