Friday, January 24, 2014

Common Core - Infesting And Corroding ADW Schools

As this Defend Life article states (see page 6), Common Core is a project to "standardize educational expectations across state lines".  Educational expectations!  Just whose "educational expectations", we might ask?  Well, we can follow the money and there's lots of it!  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (funders of many anti-life and progressive organizations) have ponied up $150 million dollars towards molding young minds into what they consider to be "college-and-workplace ready".  In other words, they're being trained to be little robots.  I've written before on Common Core; no need to rehash, see this link for the posts.

My friend and Catholic Media Coalition colleague, Stephanie Block, has written a piece on why the brains behind Common Core are trying to insinuate this program into Catholic education.  In summary, they wish to abolish the knowledge of the truth of Jesus Christ and His Church with a progressive, atheistic mindset.  One would hope that our bishops would do their utmost to keep Common Core away from the children in their charge.  Ah, but big bucks are being waved under their noses, and the aroma of dollar bills is too great a temptation for them to resist.  They (as a whole) are proving to be all too weak.  Case in point - the Archdiocese of Washington!

Here is the Sept 2013 issue of The Messenger from Archdiocese of Washington Catholic Schools.  While this statement seems to deny total acceptance of Common Core, there is admission to its benefits.  Moreover, this statement says nothing about Common Core's purpose of collecting persona data and of instilling a passive, compliant mindset in students towards government.  I for one find that troubling.  The Archdiocese does seem to be flirting with Common Core.  Again, there is Gates money to be had.

The Archdiocese is admitting that they have let the camel's nose enter under their tent.  Why, oh why, do I suspect there will be more embrace of Common Core?

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