Sunday, September 13, 2015

Don't Let Papal Visit Distract You From Next Month's Synod

The preparations for the pope's imminent visit are developing into quite a "dog-and-pony" show, with all the tee shirts, caps, cardboard cut-outs, etc.  Lots of excitement is afoot - so much so that many are becoming oblivious to the storm that is about to erupt at the Ordinary Synod of the Family this coming October.

Some of us are raising the alarm.  Ladies and gentlemen, there is real possibility - if not probability - for schism to result from this synod.  This tocsin is also being sounded by Cardinals.  Cardinal Reinhard Marx is on record of favoring the distribution of Holy Communion to divorced and remarried Catholics who have not obtained proper annulments.  Bear in mind that this heretical position is being espoused by the president of the German Catholic Conference and member of Pope Francis' "gang of nine".

Thankfully Marx is being opposed directly by two faithful Cardinals.  Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, called Marx's words "heresy and dangerous schizophrenia".  He made his remarks as he released his book "God Or Nothing - A Conversation About Faith".  His book was presented by Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, who explicitly warned of a schism owing to the antics of German bishops.

There's also heresy from Belgium.  Bishop Johan Bonny (where have we heard that name before?), recently voiced opposition not only to Humanae Vitae, but to natural law itself.  Consider that this heretic will be a sin-nod "father", as well as Bishop Cupich.

As I said, too many well-meaning folks are waxing giddy over the pope's visit.  We need to remain sober and at prayer for the future of the Church and salvation of millions.  I now post a video that suggests this pitting of clerics against each other might well be a fulfillment of the prophesy of Our Lady of Akita.  It also voices many other warnings and alarms regarding the upcoming sin-nod.


  1. I think there are going to be lots of distractions. Besides having a Pope visit (which is a big deal) what is said about "climate change" and his Laudato Si should prove interesting as folks like Pelosi and Biden and Obama go bonkers over it. The media will be full of such coverage. Let's face it, this fall is going to be full of Catholic news...the good, the bad and the ugly I am afraid.
    We must keep praying our rosary and focus on our Lord.

  2. Wouldn't the Pope discourage caps, tees, cardboard cutouts, etc.? I would think he would want and even inform a throw away culture that this was not a desirable way to welcome him...more antagonistic even.

  3. Lots of distractions is right CCC, along with lots and lots of 'media spin' on what he says to meet the left's agenda. Although Catholics have a right to be legitimately concerned with this Pope, there has also been a ton of 'misinformation' that we have to learn to discern, and some of it ignore depending on where it's coming from.


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