Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pope Preaches Progressivism Rather Than Gospel

A few days ago, US Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ), a devout Catholic, announced that he'd be boycotting the pope's planned address to Congress.  His reasoning is that if the pope is going to sound like a left-wing politician then he should be treated like one.  He announced his decision on his facebook page.  He was pounced upon by "church of nice" Catholics (or progressives posing as "church of nice" Catholics), saying that Gosar was engaging in wild speculation regarding what the pope might plan to say.  I supported Gosar's decision, reminding all of the pope's rather unfortunate track record.

Regrettably the pope's two addresses today confirmed Gosar's misgivings.  First, I'll link to the remarks that the pope gave as he addressed those with him in the White House.  He went on and on about "climate change".  Given what we know about Laudato Si and the progressives that helped craft that screed, we know the pope is abusing his high position to lend credence to the junk science and socialism embedded in the "climate change" ideology.  My colleague at Les Femmes pointed out that the Messiah Most Miserable applauded throughout the entire sorry spectacle.  He was applauding not only because the pope was shilling for one of his pet projects but because the pope made not one mention of the babies being murdered via abortion.  Statistically speaking, at least several dozen children were murdered during the time it took for the pope to utter his remarks.  Why did he not at least mention the children once?  Did he fear Obama, who has been unabashed about his support of baby butchery and now it seems, the selling of their tiny bodies for ghoulish "research"?  Or.....OR..maybe this heinous sin isn't that high on his priority list?

Having knocked envirowhackoism off the agenda for the day, the pope moved onto the coddling of illegal immigration at the meeting with the US bishops at St. Matthew's Cathedral.  The topic of abortion fared a little bit better; in this address it rated a 5-word sentence.  But that's it!  And even at that, it was merely the first of several issues, in true "seamless garment" "laundry-list" fashion.  The main thrust of his address was encouragement to be conducive to the de facto demolition of our national borders.  I would say that he's blissfully (if willfully) ignorant of the strain put upon our national resources, but I wonder if he's truly ignorant?  Does the phrase "Cloward-Piven" ring a bell?  Again, this is a cause near and dear to the heart of the Messiah Most Miserable for the reasons embodied in the Cloward-Piven theory, not to mention that all these immigrants are seen as a source of Democrat voters.

It would be wonderful if the pope did devote his Congressional address to the plight of the children murdered in the womb at the rate of over 3000 daily.  Clearly the Senate would benefit, seeing how they killed the measure to defund Planned Parenthood.  I hope and pray for that miracle.


  1. I can always count on you to tell the truth about this Jorge Bergoglio, with his false humility and disruptive ways. So few of us get it but thank God you do and the pen is mightier than the sword or should I say the keyboard is mightier ?

  2. Life-Site News seems pleased with the Pope's approach to Pro-life and Family issues
    and his speeches during his visit to the US...why do they have such totally different opinions from yours???!!!

  3. Why does LSN have a different opinion? I cannot answer for them. Mine is based on the transcripts of the talks to which I link.

  4. According to what I heard the Pope say and what I have read in the transcripts, he DID defend life.......'at EVERY stage of development' and encouraged Congress to legislatively create laws to protect life 'at EVERY stage of development'. He also talked about MARRIAGE the way God intended it to be, and said basically that redefining Marriage is a threat to civilization. Now, that said, some people are complaining that he didn't expound more fully and distinctly on those issues, but they were at least there. He did touch on them, even though he didn't use the word 'abortion' it wasn't hard for anyone to figure out that's what he was talking about. I give him credit for that because I didn't really expect this Pope to mention anything other than climate change. He pleasantly surprised me. Somehow, it seems we read and heard different things????

    1. I'm replying in light of the Congress remarks. He mentioned climate change, immigration, death penalty - but not abortion? Whatever the reason such an omission is inexcusable. Of all these topics, which has caused the greatest loss of innocent life? And no, I don't think people "get it". There's no reason to avoid the explicit mention of abortion - no moral reason, that is.

  5. Obviously some or our (including my) expectations of this Pope are way too low. That is to be expected given his track record, sad as it is. I was just pleased that he referred to anything in regard to the huge problem of murder in the womb and homosexual glorification that now permeates the entire culture, even if it was only lightly touched on and in guarded language. That said, I am still very nervous about the outcome of the upcoming Synod on the Family, and although I was surprised with his speech to Congress and thought he did a half way decent job at the U.N., I trust his Catholic theology on the family not so much. One thing I wasn't very happy about was his constant mantra on climate change that he thought directives should be put in motion to 'take care of the planet' immediately. This gives encouragement to those in the U.N. to go ahead with their 'sustainable development' plan that is immoral to the core and will undoubtedly cause great harm to humanity. If he really understood the Book of Genesis, he would know what the proper care of the planet God gave us actually entails. And it has nothing to do with population control OR drastic measures to curtail the use of crude oil which will be devastating ESPECIALLY for the poor. Nor did I like the way he praised the U.N. with their 'wonderful accomplishments'? He was way over the top with praise and practically gushing over their 'humanitarian accomplishments'? This of an organization that has an evil intent to destroy much of humanity.


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