Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pope Francis Met With Kim Davis Last Week

Reports have it that Pope Francis met secretly with Kim Davis and her husband at the Vatican embassy just before he left DC to head north.  During the meeting the pope thanked her for her courage and exhorted her to "stay strong".  Ms. Davis gave her account of the meeting to Inside The Vatican and her story was corroborated by "vatican officials".  However, Father Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokeman, while not denying the meeting occurred, refused to comment further.  During his plane ride back to the Vatican, the pope voiced his support for those who engage in "conscientious objection".

I don't know why the meeting had to be secret when the pope openly associated with pro-abortion politicians and other progressives.  Still, the support that he rendered Ms. Davis was vastly superior to the treatment meted out to her by US bishops, who still have yet to mention her name let alone stand in solidarity with her.  Reuters reports that the progressive cabal is "disappointed" by the pope's meeting with Ms, Davis, calling it "divisive".  Well, that's to be expected when truth is espoused.  One either believes the truth or he/she believes a lie; there's no middle ground with that.

I have to agree with some of my friends that along with his visit to the Little Sisters of the Poor, this visit with Kim Davis was by far one of the most useful and beneficial things accomplished during this papal vist.

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