Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pope Minimizes Islamic Violence While Bad-Mouthing Catholicism

As he was on his way to Rome from Poland a few days ago, the pope attempted a white-wash of Islamic violence that was not only insipid on its face, but downright slanderous to the Catholic faith.  He said, "if I speak of Islamic violence I must also speak of Catholic violence".  Really?  When did Catholics, in pursuit of their creed, engage in barbarous acts such as:
  • beheadings of babies
  • wide-scale rape and murder of women
  • shooting up night clubs
  • murderous rampages along the lines of San Bernardino, Nice, etc
  • bombings such as the Boston Marathon incident
  • et cetera, et cetera
Have there ever been criminals who are Catholics?  Yes.  But no one pretends that these criminals committed their crimes in obedience to the Teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Muslims, however, do carry out their crimes in the name of their murderous creed.  The pope's denial of that plain fact is so insipid that the muslims themselves hold him and his prattlings in contempt.  I will say this for these muslims; at least they are honest about what their religion teaches.  They hold the pope in contempt for his obvious attempt to appease him.  Frankly I understand how they do so and indeed the pope's pandering does make him appear to be a simpering fool as his mealy-mouthed whitewash is unworthy of a Vicar of Christ.  When these thugs say that their violence is mandated by their koran, they are correct.

Both Cardinals Burke and Sarah spoke words of wisdom as I pointed out in my blog post regarding the pope's plane trip to Poland.

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