Thursday, August 25, 2016

When Jesuits Confer, Heresy Can Result

During World Youth Day last month in Krakow, the pope conferred with 28 Polish Jesuit priests.  He had some things to say about properly forming priests - or deforming them.  Among other things, he said:
  • "Some priestly formation programs run the risk of educating in the light of overly clear and distinct ideas, and therefore to act within limits and criteria that are rigidly defined a priori, and that set aside concrete situations,"  Overly clear??  I must admit this is the first time I ever heard that phrase!  Now the phrase, "overly ambiguous" makes perfect sense - but "overly clear"?  Are we hearing some kind of Freudian slip here?  What does he think of the Ten Commandments?  "Thou shalt not commit adultery" seems to be quite clear to me and most certainly does define set limits and criteria.  Do these Jesuits think the Ten Commandments should be rendered the Ten Guidelines?  As far as these "concrete situations" that don't fall within the "limits and criteria"?  There's a word for them, as old as revelation itself - sin.
  • "Many people leave the confessional disappointed. Not because the priest is bad, but because the priest doesn't have the ability to discern situations, to accompany them in authentic discernment."  Let me take a stab at translating this glop.  "Ability to discern situations" means the knack for engaging in "situation ethics" and/or Amoralis Lamentia mental gymnastics to justify heinous sins while deluding the poor soul into thinking that he/she is acting virtuously while in reality they are damning their immortal souls.  However, in the case of a priest who actually understands that he is "alter Christus" and who actually cares for immortal souls enough to rebuke the sinner, well, the sinner who is unrepentant can be "disappointed" that his/her sin isn't being condoned.
  • And we continue.. "In life not all is black on white or white on black. The shades of grey prevail in life."  How many "shades of grey" are there?  Dare I guess "fifty"?  And why, oh why, do they prevail?  How about God's clear, unambiguous commands "prevailing", at least within His Church?
In another account of the meeting, we see other quotes from the pope.  For instance, he said, "Young people speak directly.  They want the truth or at least a straight response."   But as we saw in the preceding quotes, he wants priests to be trained to offer them anything but direct truth - or maybe offer them progressive flim-flam while calling it truth.  Talk about wolves dressed as shepherds.

All this is merely one of the logical outcomes of Amoralis Lamentia.  In addition to prayer, expect more of this and be prepared to refute it.

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  1. Persons wondering why the Jesuits have been in a spiritual death spiral for the last 100 years may be interested in learning how their theology, philosophy and understanding of the bible was polluted when they became the first Catholic intellectuals to believe the 19th century hoax, namely, Darwinism. In my book, Creation, Evolution, and Catholicism: A Discussion for Those Who Believe, Dennis Q. McInerny, Professor of Philosophy at the seminary of the FSSP, explained how that hoax became the basis of a new world-view:
    "Naturalism is a doctrine which simply denies the reality of the whole supernatural order; it goes hand in hand with materialism. One of the major outgrowths of naturalism was the theory of evolution, which was firmly set in place with the publication of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species in 1859. More than just a scientific theory, evolutionism soon became for many a general philosophy of life, and the Modernists were much taken by it, welcoming it as a sterling manifestation of ‘progressive’ thought. Over the course of the past century and a half, Western society has allowed itself to be convinced by something which, from a strictly scientific point of view, is singularly unconvincing. I speak of the theory of evolution. But if this theory fails to make the grade as serious science, it has managed to succeed spectacularly as a philosophy, a comprehensive world view, whose presence is pervasive and whose influence is as powerful as it is deleterious. Its invasion of our educational system is complete, and for decades now the nation’s youth have been systematically indoctrinated to accept as an unquestionable “fact” what, in fact, is anything but."
    The book may be ordered at


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