Friday, February 24, 2017

If You Aren't Praying For President Trump, Start Doing So Now!

No one can doubt that President Trump is acting to reverse much of the damage caused by Barack HUSSEIN Obama, aka the Messiah Most Miserable.  While some #nevertrump folks persist in their denial of that fact, be assured that progressive types aren't.  Why else would there have been riots and lootings in the streets in the wake of his election?

Now comes the news that various witches and wiccans are preparing to cast spells to curse President Trump and his allies.  This exercise will occur tonight.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is no joke.  Demons are very real.  They are being invoked tonight to harm good people in this country.  The casting of spells is a very real spiritual danger not only to those who cast them, but those whom they target.

All this highlights our solemn duty to be praying for God's protection on our leaders, fellow citizens and our nation.  Of course we also include the witches who will be flirting with eternal damnation tonight, for their repentance and salvation.

If you aren't offering daily Rosaries, please start today and include our national leaders in your intentions.  I understand that a prayer campaign is underway to pray the Rosary at 11:00 pm to counteract the spells being cast.  Whatever hour you choose to pray, please be faithful to it.


  1. Yes, I have been dedicating my Rosary and other deliverance prayers along with the Prayer to St. Michael for the President, his family and his supporters. As I have said in other places, I had a very strange experience last night that awakened me at a little after midnight. I felt as if I was suffocating and was loudly gasping for air. When I got up to look at the clock it was a few minutes after midnight. I repeated the St. Michael Prayer and others, went back to bed and slept soundly the rest of the night. Coincidence????

  2. Yes, let's pray for the man! I've been praying for him in my Rosary and I said the Simple Exorcism for him and for the Church because of this spell.

  3. A good article in 'The Stream' by John Zmirak on how about 25 of our U.S. Bishops are calling for Disruption of the Trump Presidency: "These US Catholic Bishops Promise to Disrupt Trump".........Anarchists in Bishop's Miters.


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