Friday, February 15, 2019

Farrell To Be Papal Camerlengo - What Could Possibly Go Right?

I've written a good bit about Cardinal Farrell in the past.  Some might recall that before he made himself infamous, he was pastor of a local parish in Washington DC.  He was unimpressive then so we knew he'd be a problem when he was named a cardinal.

Among many of his problems is his close association with now ex-cardinal McCarrick.  Farrell lived with McCarrick for six years, yet he claims to have known nothing regarding McCarrick's perverted assaults on young men.

Now that McCarrick is on the verge of being laicized (unless he weasels his way out of this), we find it odd that the pope has appointed a close McCarrick associate as camerlengo.  This official wields much influence after the death of a pope, essentially managing Vatican and Church affairs until a new pope is elected.

So we have Farrell as camerlengo and Cupich running the abuse summit in a few weeks.  As they say, personnel is policy, so again we have clear evidence of current policies at the Vatican.

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  1. Just when you think it can't possibly get any worse, it does!

    What a ridiculous Pontificate!


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