Thursday, February 28, 2019

Sex Summit - Swan Song Of This Papacy?

At the end of the sex-summit farce, Pope Francis laid out an 8-point plan for the Church to conduct an "all-out battle" against sex abuse of minors (young men and seminarians remain unmentioned so that they can be considered fair game for that good-ole-boy chicken hawk association of pervert clerics).  The 8 points are listed in this National Catholic Register piece.  Notice that there is nothing indicating that homosexuals should be removed from the clerical state, as they should be.  There isn't even any mention of prevention of their entry into seminary.  In fact, the word "homosexual" doesn't occur one in this so-called "plan".  Why is there no mention of the fact that the homosexual inclination is intrinsically disordered?

Here's a short, simple answer.  This summit was not at all about addressing the scandal of clerics raping boys and young men.  It was all about deflecting our anger and indignation away from the real problem: predation upon young men by powerful clerics, with the main culprit being Theodore McCarrick.  Even the Washington Post picked up on the duplicitous nature of the pope's closing address, noting how the whole summit was a dance around the living room elephant known as McCarrick.

Yes, the pope and cronies were covering for McCarrick alright, and not only because he was a ruthless predator.  There is ample reason to believe he was a communist plant.  He played a pivotal role in brokering that Vatican-Red China deal that essentially threw faithful Catholics in that country to the communist wolves.  It appears that he also was a ghost writer of the Land O Lakes statement that allowed progressive poison to destroy Catholic higher education.

Realizing that the results of this summit were, for all intents and purposes, non-existent,  Michael Hichborn of Lepanto Institute crafted an open letter to Pope Francis that lays out some steps that the pope must take if his moral voice is to be restored.  I signed it and urge you to do the same, and to promulgate this letter in your own circles of fellow Catholics.  We simply must make our voices heard for we've been silent too long, and some still insist on persisting in silence and apathy.

Many Catholics are coming to the belief that Francis' papacy has been irreparably compromised to the point of being ineffective.  I wrote last week of a prayerful protest that happened in Rome just before the summit began.  It was organized by Professor Roberto de Mattei and attended by Michael Matt of the Remnant.  The two men met in an interview and discussed many things.  I post it now for your review.


  1. Poop Francis needs to go!
    His papacy is a complete joke.

  2. To understand these people, one needs only to listen. Cupich stated clearly that whether homo- or heterosexual, people sin. He made no distinction between an intrinsic disorder crying to Heaven for vengeance (which I am convinced has been skilfully used to annihilate all authority of the Church) and the natural order.

    If Bergoglio and team were Catholics, no one would ever continue to serve as priest, after making such a statement. But we know that these intrinsically disordered people have taken over the hierarchy and are now irreversibly (such is their hope) shaping the hearts and minds of all Catholics.

    It is the properly ordered that they seek to remove from the body of Christ, as though they were cancer.

    Let us have the courage to hear what they are saying. Bergoglio made statements about children seducing adults in defence of child sexual abuse. He would not even condemn pedophilia. To him the sins of the flesh (below the belt, as he called them) are really not worth paying attention to.

    I am convinced that this kind of sin is the root of the collapse of our Christian civilisation. It leads to a state of degeneracy. A sexual degenerate can not be a good priest, teacher statesman. Even if he does not practice, by promoting it, the so called pope himself is a sexual degenerate.

  3. Please God, bring this miserable papacy to an (abrupt) end!


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