Saturday, February 16, 2019

McCarrick Is Laicized

This is long overdue - not only on behalf of his poor victims throughout the decades but also countless others who have been led astray owing to his dissidence on matters of the faith.  They are too many to list here, but over the years of this blog's existence, they have been noted here and elsewhere.  He also had (probably still does have) the habit of publicly hob-nobbing with infamous pro-aborts at various functions; I've participated in and/or led pickets at those debacle, including this.

McCarrick is by no means the only one.  Given the ungodly priorities of this pontificate, I've no doubt that McCarrick was intended to be a sacrificial lamb to mollify those of us who seek to have Holy Mother Church purified of the rot that infests her at all levels.  It will be up to faithful Catholic laity not only to pray and offfer sacrifices, but also to utilize all moral means available to keep up the pressure - including pickets such as the one exemplified in the most recent link.

I've no doubt that McCarrick will be offered a cushy "retirement package" in return for all the disservice rendered throughout the years.  However, we must also remember to pray that McCarrick will wake up and repent, making a good confession.  He is elderly and hasn't much time left on earth to do that.

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