Monday, December 2, 2019

Open Letter To Judge Sara Smolenski

Please recall that she is the lesbian judge in Michigan who was denied Holy Communion by Father Scott Nolan for publicly living in sin with another woman.  Since that incident, she has been on a rampage to have Father ousted from his parish.  Fortunately Bishop David Walkowiak is supporting his priest.

Many have rightly suggested that both Father and His Excellency should be congratulated and thanked.  I concur and have done so.  I also applied the Spiritual Work of Mercy known as "rebuking the sinner" to the errant judge.  I got the fax number from the contact information for the courthouse in which she works.  To that number I sent the letter below.

Begin letter:

Ms. Smolenski, I read of your situation with Father Nolan.  As a Catholic who strives to live by the moral precepts of the Church, I concur with Father.  Perhaps we can look at the situation from another vantage point.  I presume that as a lawyer, you are a member of the Michigan State Bar.  That association undoubtedly has standards and ideals to which you and other lawyers are expected to adhere.  The rights and privileges of that association were not automatically granted to you; you had to qualify to be admitted and must conduct yourself in a manner deemed worthy by your association to retain membership with all its attendant advantages.

Parallels con be derived when it comes to the Church.  The reception of Holy Communion entails allegiance to the Church's moral standards, including those of marriage and the use of procreative powers.  Deliberate and obstinate flouting of those prescriptions is grounds for denial of Holy Communion.  That denial is actually for your benefit, as reception of Holy Communion while you pretend to be married to another woman would only cause you to incur the guilt of receiving Our Lord in a sacrilegious manner, its own mortal sin.

Ms. Smolenski, neither you nor I can dictate to the Church who has a "right" to receive Holy Communion.  Yes, we are all sinners.  Jesus Christ welcomes all sinners - to repent and turn from their sins, not to wallow in them and expect to be celebrated for them.  We are called to repent via the Sacrament of Confession and then to amend our lives.  As your fellow Catholic I strongly urge you cease this lifestyle and return to Jesus Christ and His Church - on His terms, not yours.
You may ask what business do I have in saying these things to you.  Well, it is you who chose to publicize this matter, not I.  Apparently neither did Father choose to publicize this; he approached you via a private phone call - per your recollection.  Father Nolan, as an ordained priest of Jesus Christ, cannot and will not acquiese to your demands that your sinful lifestyle be accepted as being in conformity with Church teaching.  The words of Jesus will not change.  I for one am grateful to Father for upholding the teachings of the Church.

Ms. Smolenski, please be advised that this letter is an open letter, to be publicized on the internet.  Any replies will likewise be publicized; that includes replies from anyone else as well.  Thank you for your time.

End Letter


  1. The essence of true marriage.

    His (Family)

    An image formed so long ago
    Its beauty and dignity unsurpassed
    Bestowed upon creatures incomparably blessed
    Who now dare presume to alter the flow

    The image is threatened as never before
    Fervor to change its essence exists
    Willingness to concede is most evident
    Integrity corrupted from surface to core

    Three united in faith, love and joy
    Mother and father with Father above
    Meant to be bound till one Earth departs
    Are under attack by the deceivers ploy

    Whether adopted or conceived
    Cherished shall they be and realizing that
    A mother and a father should be the seed
    Of this tenet they should not be deceived

    Theodore Zendarski
    4522 Bryant Hill Road
    Franklinville, New York

  2. And how can a pervert serve as a judge? What is she, in traffic court?


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