Sunday, December 8, 2019

Catholic Standard Commits Ecumenicide

Again from the current issue of the Catholic (sub)Standard we see an account of the 40th annual concert of the Interfaith Council of  Metropolitan Washington.  Browse through the article and notice that not only were there performances by Catholics and some Protestant groups, but also of Muslims and Hindus.

Beholding ICMW idolary
This performance was held at the Washington Hebrew Congregation.  Several years ago this ho-down happened in the main nave of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.  That's right!  Idolatry occurred inside the National Shrine as Muslims and Hindus sang prayers to their false deities/demons.  I got wind of this just a few days before it was to occur (so no time to organize a protest) and I went to see how bad it could get.  It got pretty bad.  In fact, the Hindu dancing girls were even more scantily clad then than what you see in the Standard's photo.  I left in the middle of it as I could stomach no more.  Pachamama had nothing on the National Shrine..

Besides the flagrant idolatry, we see that the Interfaith Council of Washington is controlled by Democrats.  Case in point:  Rabbi Gerry Serotta, its current executive director, has contributed to something called Actblue, an online donor portal for Democrat candidates.  Looking at the Catholics on its Board of Directors, we see one Anthony Quainton, who contributed to Chris Van Hollen as he ran against the prolife Kathy Szeliga.

To sum up - in one issue the Standard trumpeted two very questionable organizations - The Interfaith Council of Washington and Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.  With just a little internet research I was able to learn just how inimical to the Faith they really are - and I'm not a professional journalist.  Does the Catholic Standard employ any real journalists, or are they just parrots for the DC chancery swamp?  Of course this question is purely rhetorical.

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