Friday, May 14, 2010

Kagan's True Colors Starting to Show

Despite attempts to depict Elena Kagan as a "moderate" regarding abortion, proof of her murderous sentiments are emerging.  Lifesite News informs us that she has financially supported National Partnership for Women and Families: an outfit that proclaims its support for baby-murder on its own website.

Now aren't you glad that you have resources such as Lifesite News and, yes, this blog to put you in touch with information that the Messiah Most Miserable and his Minions Most Mindless would rather that you not have?  It's called Free Speech.  It's a God-given right.  The First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees that the Federal government shall not attempt to abridge that right.

In another responsible exercise of that free speech right, Wesley Pruden penned a piece in today's Washington Times (to which I now link) detailing Kagan's disdain for free speech.  Pruden reports, "It's perfectly OK, she wrote in the University of Chicago Law Review, for the government to restrict free speech as long as it means well and calls it something else."  I link to the article to which Pruden refers.  She is indeed a lawyer, as witnessed by the 105 pages in this pdf.  What difference does "governmental motive" make?  The First Amendment is clear and simple - no restrictions.  Long and short - she wants to ascribe to the governmental de-facto deities the power to define their speech - and ours!  Is this the kind of Orwellian society that we want? 

Kagan must be rejected by the Senate.

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