Monday, August 2, 2010

Democrat Congressman: "Government Can Do Almost Anything.."

In a "town hall" meeting last week, Rep Pete Stark made the following admission about his belief in the "right" of the Feds to run our lives.  Note the lady's knowledge of the US Constituion.  She is very clear and thus makes it almost impossible for Stark to dance around this issue.

I find that statement to be a statement in belief of the omnipotence of government, as well as belief in the almost divine perogatives of government.  In short, he seems to be saying that government is a de facto god.  This is a fundamental tenet of progressives.  Now doesn't their push for personal immorality on the part of the citzenry make sense?  Encourage the people to become morally and intellectually undisciplined and flabby.  Then tell them that government will 1) shield them from the normal consequences of debauchery and 2) enable that debauchery; that is, government will become their parents and dictators.  This puts Stark's words into a broader perspective. 

Here's the video (click here if you can't see embedded video).  As you watch, understand that he and his cronies in the House are up for reelection on November 2nd.  Be at the polls and vote them out!

Just for good measure, watch Stark at an earlier "town hall" as he mocks citizens who are voicing concerns over border security.

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