Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vortex Clarifies Things Quite A Bit

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

I'm pleased that Michael Voris has made these clarifications, most notably that the Magisterium has no preference for any form of civil government (with the exception of those inherently atheistic).  I need not rehash points I made earlier, as they seemed to be summed up in the video. 

I will make one addition, however.  He cites as a reason for corrupt democratic government a corrupt citizenry that votes in unscrupulous rulers.  I might add that an equal problem is those citizens who are otherwise decent, but who cannot be bothered to exercise their right to vote.  I know some of those individuals, and yes, I regularly chide them regarding their neglect of their duties, both as American citizens and as Catholics who WILL be called on the carpet at their judgment day and who will have to answer before God Almighty why they squandered their opportunities to bring about the Culture of Life.  Might that be a mortal sin of omission?  I'm open to correction here, but I believe that such is indeed a mortal sin, given what's at stake (lives of unborn children, etc).

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