Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bro-Choice Guys: These Nincompoops Are Seen For What They Are

Notice I said "guys", not "men" for they don't deserve to be called "men".  "Spoiled brats" may be more like it, but "guys" is shorter.  I touched on this "bro-choice" thing in last Friday's post, that even had a local manifestation of that psycho-social deficiency.  If you watch that video again, you'll notice that the so-called "feminists" with the orange vests (signifying membership in Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force) have absolutely no problem with the guy who is clearly objectifying women.

Well, the "bro-choice" brain-rot is in the process of spreading.  Watch this video below (some vulgarity within).  Oh, the gal at the end?  That's Sarah Silverman, and she really was shilling for the pro-abortion agenda!

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