Monday, July 1, 2013

Feminists Revert To "Back-Alley" Abortions

Live Action released its latest "inhuman" installments, showing just how brutal and callous abortion proponents are, not only to the babies but also to the very women they claim to champion.  Many abortionists are resorting to "medical" abortions, where they are accomplished away from the death mills themselves.  The venue of choice for them seems to be hotels.  You'll see a goodly amount of that in this video.  Before you look at it, review this article from Jill Stanek's blog.  She points out that in the 1970s, Ms Magazine published a picture of a woman who died alone in a hotel room.  Their point was that abortion should be legal so that it could be done in proper medical facilities.  It seems they've gone "full-circle" and are actually advocating the secrecy they ostensibly condemned forty years ago.

Lest we forget:  Jennifer Morbelli essentially spent her last week dying in her hotel room, at the hand of Leroy Carhart.  The pro-choice crowd (from the White House right on down) simply doesn't give a damn about women, sanctimonious protestations to the contrary.

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  1. Meanwhile they have their young children holding up pictures of coat hangers:

    And parents even allow the girl scouts to indoctrinate for abortion:

    With the support of the Catholic Church (and sodomite indoctrination of boy scouts):

    But the U.S. Supreme Court (despite first amendment) allows a church to ban the showing of graphic images of abortion on PUBLIC property, because "it might disturb children":

    Send this link to your pastor/group & urge to invite & show pictures of abortion to "Christians" allowing our children to be slaughtered body and soul:


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