Sunday, July 28, 2013

Operation #no2cchd Is Launched!

I address this mainly to my readers in the Archdiocese of Washington, but others should take note as well.

In the Archdiocese of Washington, the second collection for the Masses of Aug 10-11 will be for something called "Communications and Human Development".  It's really for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  In recent years, the CCHD has garnered some very bad publicity - and yes, the CCHD has earned its terrible reputation in spades.  I suppose the collectors think that by obfuscating the name of the collection that they can somehow bypass the bad press and fool Catholics into donating.

We are in the process of spreading the word.  A few days ago we mailed to almost 900 people within the archdiocese a postcard (linked here) to remind them of the terrible record of CCHD.  I understand that some have received their postcards already.  As the postcard suggest, please visit the sites of and, as well as previous postings on this blog (see here and here for starters).

Now it's time to take action!  What to do?
  1. Distribute copies of the postcards.  I'd think it most convenient if you'd print your own copies (download the pdf in the first link) to educate your friends and fellow parishioners.  Please do so before the collection weekend.
  2. Spread word of the existence of, and this blog so that others can avail themselves of the research contanined therein.
  3. Use social media to spread word of the boycott.  It would be helpful to use the hashtag #no2cchd in your Facebook and/or Twitter messages.
  4. Questions/comments/suggestions?  Please post via the comments.
  5. Above all, pray that the Lord have mercy upon those who exploit His Church for anti-God causes and that evil be expunged from this Bride of Christ.

We all heard that Pope Francis told young Catholics to "shake up the dioceses" and "make a mess".  I have one objection to that?  Why invite only young people to have "all the fun"?  We middle-aged and older coots have been making respectable messes for some time now.  To be more precise, we make messes of messes.  That's precisely what we hope to accomplish with the debacle known as the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

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