Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Carhart Victim Is Hospitalized In Maryland

Yesterday afternoon (June 9) an ambulance took away a woman from the Germantown Reproductive Health Services.  Unlike the previous two debacles, the woman is alive (at least she was when taken away).  Let me state for the record that most of Carhart's victims are not hospitalized.  After they are brutally murdered, they are discarded, treated as "medical wastes" without so much as a decent funeral.

Operation Rescue has more details, with video of the ambulance taking her away.  Notice that Carhart is going with them, even though he has no admitting privileges in any Maryland hospital.  Is he going simply to maintain an appearance after: 1) his absence while Jennifer Morbelli died and/or 2) the failed inspection by Maryland authorities a few months ago?  Who knows?

Tomorrow at 10:00 AM local pro-life leaders will conduct a press conference at Germantown Pregnancy Choices, 13230 Executive Park Terrace, Germantown MD.  If you can, please attend.


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