Thursday, January 1, 2015

First Post Of 2015 - MD Board Of Physicians Displays Some Good Judgment

It's nice to start off the new year with news that a Maryland governmental agency has followed common sense as opposed to political correctness.  The Baltimore Sun informs us that Dr. Lawrence Egbert has been stripped of his medical license for "helping" six elderly MD residents commit suicide then covering up the evidence of his "assistance".   A question I have is whether or not he'll face criminal charges.  The "assistance" in which Egbert engaged is more accurately called premeditated murder.  In a saner time, he would have been facing the death penalty.

The Sun, being a bona fide liberal rag, segues into the "cause" of "assisted suicide".  I think I'll substitute that sanitized pc language with what the action is - unbridled murder.  A state legislator from Montgomery County, Heather Mizeur, made the legalization of murder a campaign issue when she ran for governor (losing to Anthony Brown in the Democrat primary).  That, in addition to being an unabashed lesbian, would make her a prime candidate for the medicine of Canon 915.  Yes she is Catholic but I digress.

The current political climate in Maryland would tend towards permission of unbridled murder.  We pray that the election of Larry Hogan may signal some rebirth of morality and common sense.

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