Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Words And Deeds Of Some Very Good Prelates

Among the bishops do exist some real champions of the Faith.  Today I have learned of some actions taken by several of them.

From Creative Minority Report, we hear that Bishop Thomas Tobin has declined an invitation to attend the gubernatorial inauguration of Gina Raimondo of Connecticut.  Raimondo, while Catholic, is a supporter of baby murder.  Bishop Tobin quite openly said that it would be a problem for him to attend the inauguration of a pro-abortion individual.  While the inauguration is in progress, the bishop plans to offer Mass at the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul to offer prayers for newly elected officials.

Again from Creative Minority Report, we read of direction given to his chancery employees by Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami.  Basically he reminded them that no matter where they are, even in "off-hours" situations, that they always are representatives of the Church.  As such, they must always uphold Church teaching.  He issued this directive as same-sex "marriages" started happening in Florida.  The archbishop warned them that any conduct not in keeping with the Church's teaching - including support of so-called "same sex marriages" - could lead to a variety of disciplinary actions, including termination of employment.

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, IL has ordered his churches to return the tabernacles to the center of the sanctuary of the churches.  He did so expressly to encourage prayer and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  I might point out that Bishop Paprocki's action stands in stark contract to the ludicrous stance of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines that has expressly directed that the tabernacle (that is, the Blessed Sacrament) should be shoved away from the center into some alcove.

LifeSiteNews reports of a recent interview given by Cardinal Raymond Burke.  In this interview, the cardinal explains how the Church has been damaged by radical feminism.  Among other worthwhile words, the Cardinal stated that the introduction of "altar girls" has discouraged boys from taking that role and may have inhibited priestly vocations among them.  Father Z has an analysis of that interview, too.

Pray for these four prelates, as the progressives do have their long knives drawn and pointed at them.  Pray that many more may follow their examples.

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