Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Little Humor In Light Of The Dubia

What is happening with the dubia is ground-breaking and must be covered with prayer.  Still, I must admit that the following caused me to laugh! 😀


  1. Quite funny yes, and at the same time quite on the mark!

  2. Thanks for the laughing out loud. It's good for the heart (and the sanity in this "modern" Church)!

  3. Re a solution for the newly announced bergodlian infernum "virus of polarization": solution is to 1. isolate patient zero, Jorge B.; and 2. quarantine all infected cardinals from Belgium, Germany, Italy and the USA. And beseech the CDC here for a new vaccine along the lines of the one developed for dealing with the virus that has caused the profound division in America, the virulent barackodivisio virus. The "carrier" liquid for the new vaccine for inoculating a true believer against the BiPv [bergodlio infernum polarization virus] can be holy water. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas


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