Friday, November 11, 2016

CCHD = Cash for Chaos, Hatred and Disorder

We are all aware of the violence that has erupted in the wake of Trump's election as President of the United States.  One thing this illustrates is the results of poor education that has been allowed to go on for these past few decades.  It is poor by design.  John Dewey has rightfully been called the Father of Modern Education.  How many are aware that Dewey was a signer of the original Humanist Manefesto?

However, the violence in many cities (all of the cities being in states that Hillar carried, oddly enough) isn't just the work of spoiled little snowflakes pitching temper tantrums.  There is organization behind it as LifeSiteNews points out.

One of the organizations behind the mayhem is, controlled by George Soros.  Soros' infiltration of progressive Catholic circles has been documented.  His organization, Faith in Public Life, several years ago attempted to refute an exposition of the CCHD done by Michael Hichborn.  Much has been written on this blog and others regarding the fact that monies collected by the CCHD were diverted to "community organizing" outfits that are anti-life, anti-God; many of these have been known to foment the kind of violence that has swept up the disgruntled Clinton supporters.

If you haven't done so yet, please watch the video "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing".  It's long, but well worth the investment of time.  It tells the history of the invasion of progressives in the life of the Catholic Church in the US, focusing on the role of Saul Alinsky.  Furthermore, it details how Alinsky and his cronies in the Church created the Campaign for Human Development for the purpose of diverting Catholic donatons to progressive causes.  Later the word "Catholic" was put in front of the rest of the name.  That is to say that the entire purpose of CCHD was evil from its inception, as opposed to being once noble but only recently corrupted.

During the weekend of November 19-20, most dioeses in the United States will be devoting the second collections to the CCHD.  We must boycott this collection as we've done in previous years.  Many of us are tired from the election, but we must resist the temptation to "tune out and take a break".   The CCHD is a factor in the rot inside both the Church and the United States.  We must starve this beast known as CCHD.  With Trump's election, we've been given a reprieve by God, some more time to pray and work to establish the Culture of Life.  Let's not lose momentum but press ahead, starting by saying #no2cchd.


  1. Absolutely!! I haven't given to this corrupt organization for years, and will continue to withhold. George Soros, by rights, should be arrested and prosecuted for crimes against humanity, planning and organizing riots and hate crimes, and a whole host of other crimes. We will probably not see that happen though. He is the one behind the violence going on countrywide. His cronies are paying agitators to riot and destroy of which we have proof in several publications.

  2. and now for the rest of the story:

    Joseph Bernardin, "The Story of the Campaign for Human Development: ... Jack Egan had been Alinsky's first priest intern, 4 4 and the Friends of CHD organized in the ... 644 THEOLOGICAL STUDIES Organizations was in the midst of a bitter ...
    saul alinsky may not have been a saint but there is no doubt he was a

    May 23, 2015 - The young Alinsky organizer in Chicago, Barack Hussein Obama .... And the Catholic Church especially its CHD, Campaign For Human Development, were “useful idiot” tools for Alinsky, and J. Bernardin was one of the most useful “tools”. ... TheologicaL Studies 59 (1998) THE INFLUENCE OF SAUL ...


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