Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Some Of McCarrick's Abused Come Forward - More Are Needed

On July 16th the New York Times published an article that details the sexual abuse that many seminarians endured at the hands of Cardinal McCarrick.  It also makes clear that higher-ups in Church leadership did absolutely nothing when complaints about Cardinal McCarrick were lodged with them.  LifeSiteNews links to the article, with helpful commentary of their own.  By the way - this article links to another that details McCarrick's role in procuring the pontificate for Cardinal Bergoglio.  McCarrick himself admitted it in the video embedded here.

The latest issue of the Catholic Standard published statements about McCarrick's mess.  Frankly, given their absolute silence regarding the Archdiocese's treatment of Father Guarnizo in 2012, a situation that literally made world-wide news, I was wondering if they were going to try the "mum" routine again.  They probably realized that they wouldn't get away with it this time, so they tried some "damage control"; either that, or they (and the New York Times) are participating in a wide-scale ruse.  What do I mean by "ruse"?  As I said in previous posts, I wonder if it's possible that McCarrick is simply taking "one for the team" to appease those of us who are tired of predators in roman collars roaming freely throughout the church.  At his age, he hasn't that much to lose, and could easily be placed somewhere to live his remaining years rather comfortably.

Anyway, the Standard published McCarrick's statement, available here.  I commented on the part where he said he "had no recollection" of the abuse.  However, he also said "I am sorry for the pain the person who brought the charge has gone through.."  Pain?  What pain?  If pain is present, what caused that pain?  And why would McCarrick think it appropriate to say he's sorry for the pain?  Freudian slip much?

Also on the 16th Renew American published a piece by Matt Abbott in which he discloses what one of McCarrick's victims told him about twelve years ago.  The now-ex-priest's name is Bart Aslin  So far he, Ciolek, and Father Boniface Ramsey (LSN article) are the only ones (to my knowledge) that have gone on record to detail   My blogging colleague Vox Cantoris opines that all bishops today at least knew of McCarrick's sordid activities and yet remained silent.  I agree but I think the conspiracy of silence goes much further than that.  There are many priests who either were targeted by the Cardinal or knew of the targeting of their brother priests and seminarians.  Mr. Aslin wrote that many of them chose silence to protect their chances of ordination.  However, they were taught (or should have been taught) in their moral theology classes that the ends do not justify evil means.  Yes, their silence was and is evil.  By their silence they made it easier for the abuse to continue unabated.  I reiterate my call for them to come forth and join Aslin and Ciolek to ensure that McCarrick has no more access to young boys.


  1. Amen! Fr. Haley was blowing the whistle years ago. What happened to him probably scared a lot of priests into permanent silence. The whole thing illustrates the "mess" Pope Francis is always talking about although it's clear that's not what he meant. He talks about transparency and exposure, but the old boys' club protects its own. God save us from evil clergy!

  2. This sordid matter is SO sickening, I can barely stand to read it.

    BTY, my sources tell me this Cowardinal also used to frequent a waterfront home in St. Mary's County, Maryland, owned by a local businessman. One wonders what went on there.

  3. Frankly jmbutk, I don't think we have to 'wonder'.....I think we pretty much KNOW, without having to spell out all the vile, gory details. I read Vox Cantoris' article and I am with him 1000%. If we have to OUT all of our Bishops.....so be it. It would be much better to be Bishopless than to have Satan's henchmen in charge of Christ's Church. These 'men' have lost ALL credibility they ever had in the first place.....every single SHRED is now gone. At the time, we didn't realize how correct Pope Benedict was when he said that the Church of the near future would be very very small. I do believe the cleansing process has begun. And I'm anticipating that the Lord God Himself will have to finish it. The vile stench that we smell coming from our very own hierarchy is really too much for us to handle on our own. And we actually are now ON. OUR. OWN. Who knew that eventually we would be up against Satan himself inside the very Church of Christ? Stay close to the Blessed Mother. Pray your Rosaries every day, consecrate yourselves to her. The Lord Jesus through His Mother are in charge now. It's His Sacred Heart and Her Immaculate Heart, the 'twin hearts' ....and us. I know it seems as though we're bringing only our knives to a gun fight, but in the end, there's no way we will loose. Pray for the perseverance.... The victory is ours.....He has promised us.

  4. https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/seminarian-we-knew-about-mccarrick

    Another man speaks out.


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