Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Suggested Plan Of Action To Cripple The Gay Apparatus In The US Church

In light of the significant development in the McCarrick situation yesterday, that is, his ouster from the College of Cardinals and subsequent taking up of a life of secluded prayer and penance, I would have expected some sort of statement from the DC chancery to be read at Mass, as one was when he was first ordered to cease public ministry.  Instead we heard - nothing!  Zero-zip-nada!  Crickets!

How disingenuous!  Does the chancery really take faithful Catholics to be naive simpletons?  I've no doubt that one big reason behind their silence is that they hope McCarrick's removal will satisfy us and that they no longer have to worry about the consequences of their aiding and abetting McCarrick throughout the years.  This is pure damage control.

For those of you who believe that the poor dears in the chancery simply didn't have enough time to craft a decent statement, may I present this open letter regarding the situation that was released by Bishop Michael Olson of the Diocese of Fort Worth (TX)?  In all honesty, I've had issues with Olson in the past few years as the Texas bishops seemed hell-bent on electing RINOs to offices as opposed to real pro-life people, but I appreciate his alacrity in addressing his congregation about this matter.  By contrast we see how disingenuous the DC chancery really is.

If the chancery thought their silence would cause our attention and resolve to dissipate, they are sorely mistaken.  We are NOT going to relax our vigilance and we will NOT cease our prayers and actions until the vile cabal that aided and abetted McCarrick throughout the years is dismantled and those members be forced to atone for their own sins in this matter.  Let's be clear that many of these are in the DC chancery, as well as the USCCB.

So what do we do?  First, we make sure we ourselves pray and remain in the state of grace.  Under no circumstances do we contemplate abandoning the Barque of Peter' that is the mortal sin of apostasy. But there are other actions we must take, and these actions are predicated on the understanding that these bishops only understand one language from us, and that language is money.
  • We must cease contributing to any diocesan collections.  That includes the Cardinal's Appeal.  It means that we boycott the CCHD collection next week if we aren't already doing so.  We should be boycotting it anyway, for those monies are used to fund various anti-God leftwing organizations.  For those collection envelopes, my post from a few days ago had some suggested language.  Alternatively, you might want to use the envelope stuffer at the bottom.
  • The Archdiocese of Washington skims 10% off the regular weekly collection at Mass.  Two collections are exempted from the assessment: Christmas and Easter.  Consider cessation of the weekly donations and instead put those funds into the Christmas and/or Easter collection.  While it's true that this might make for uneven cash flow, it will actually mean more money for the parish as they will keep 100% of it.  Recall that McCarrick abused seminarians at his beach house.  With what money was this beach house funded?  Our donation dollars! 
  • For other localities, circumstances may vary, such as what collections are exempt, etc.  Please do your own research and act accordingly.
We must financially starve these behemoths that condone and even facilitate such horrid crimes.  As I've described above for the DC area, there are most likely ways to do so without detriment to decent parishes.  Let's get going.

The envelope stuffer mentioned above:


  1. At my TLM Mass, our priest directly addressed this evil. He said Cowardinal McCarrick should have been layicized years ago.

    Are you really surprised at the silence of the Archdiocese of Washington? How many of our clergy are homos?

  2. We are incensed but not yet effectively. We are still mincing words and playing the game.
    Until we demand homosexual priests be laicized, priests, bishops, Cardinals, we are allowing them to continue to molest boys and young men and wreck the church, or throw gay orgies at beach houses we provide.
    Anyone sexually approaching a seminarian, a young boy, an adult, needs to be laicized, immediately.
    Enforce for the first time, a zero tolerance approach toward seminarians. Any homosexual inclinations at all precludes you from being a priest. First offense if you snuck through, out.
    Look, these are not going to happen. Our church, heartbreakingly, is now full of homosexuals, right up to the top. JPII and BXVI found a way to work with it, even they did not condemn it outright or do the maximum they could. Under JPII McCarrick was made Cardinal, and people had flown to Rome and told the Holy Father about his disorders. He was made Cardinal anyway.
    We can only demand so much. Our power is the power of the purse, and we are assuredly giving too much money already. Our little effort is not likely to be effective unless it is total and even then...
    The Campaign for Human Development has been totally discredited! But why are we seeing a Roman Catholic Church even having campaigns for discredited entities? Because they don't hold the faith and this church is apostate.
    God help us.

  3. Pray to the Blessed Mother to help us in fighting this diabolical body of Bishops. She will help guide us, there is no doubt.

  4. Here's my problem. When the barque of Peter is willfully and purposely being steered in a direction that is contrary to that which was commanded, it may be time to look for the nearest life boat.

  5. Well I have already abandoned the "Barque of Peter" with its communist-loving anti-pope Bergolio. The only way to change the church is to stop giving completely. It wouldn't take long for those in power to come to their senses.

    1. If you aren't already doing so, I'd suggest redirecting contributions to a worthwhile organization, such as a pro-life pregnancy center, apostolates such as LifeSiteNews or Lepanto, or a seminary that is faithful to Tradition.

  6. I think their investments will keep them in candles and silks for centuries. Better for there to be a movement for Catholics that are fed up to stand at the back rather than sit in the pews. A couple of Sundays like that would prompt a quick reform.

  7. Every time I hear this reading at Mass I think of the Bishops...

    Woe to the shepherds
    who mislead and scatter the flock of my pasture,
    says the LORD.
    Therefore, thus says the LORD, the God of Israel,
    against the shepherds who shepherd my people:
    You have scattered my sheep and driven them away.
    You have not cared for them,
    but I will take care to punish your evil deeds.
    I myself will gather the remnant of my flock
    from all the lands to which I have driven them
    and bring them back to their meadow;
    there they shall increase and multiply.
    I will appoint shepherds for them who will shepherd them
    so that they need no longer fear and tremble;
    and none shall be missing, says the LORD.


  8. Let's not forget that the USCCB is also getting government money that far outweighs the little it gets from us, the people in the pews. But, the current administration, I do believe is beginning to whittle those down as well. They just can't do it fast enough. The only way to bring them to the narcissistic Bishops to their knees is via THE MONEY or.....LACK OF IT from every source available to them.

  9. Oh and just a btw.......I didn't hear anything of this horrid development from our Parish either, seeing as though, I'm sure, I am in Chicago with Cupich. Not ONE. WORD.

  10. May I proffer another suggestion: in our Archdiocese there are two collections not "taxed" by the Chancery-- Christmas and Easter. So if you divide your annual giving to your parish by two, and give in these two seasons, our beloved Cowardinal gets zippo, and your parish keeps 100%! Just sayin......

    1. That is precisely what I suggested in my second "bullet". Again, those in other localities should research the policies of their own dioceses for there could be variances.

  11. I think Dan and TLM are correct. They won't miss our money. - Eoin Suibhne

    1. That remains to be seen. Even if they don't, at least we won't be funding their sinful conduct.

  12. We have NOT given them a penny for over two decades now. But as one can see from the pie chart in this link, our peasant donations are only a piece of the bigger pie because they get our ax dollars through the Fed by hitching their liberal wagon to the Democrats.


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