Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A Life Of Prayer And Penance??

A few weeks ago, after McCarrick resigned from the College of Cardinals, the pope ordered him to a life of prayer and penance.  Generally when one thinks of that situation, one thinks of this penitential life being carried out in austere settings, in a place that is more cell than home.  George Neumayr discovered the location of this "penitential cell", this place of austerity and mortification.  Church Militant published the news, and here it is!  Try not to let your heart ache too much for the erstwhile cardinal as he does penance for his crimes in the confines of this simple cell!

Quite the little hole in the ground, isn't it?  5,000 square feet, nine bedrooms, five bathrooms, and worth over $2 million.  It has been in the possession of the archdiocese since the days of Cardinal Baum, but still - when I hear of this and also of that law firm that Wuerl just retained - to the tune of $50k per month - I find it increasingly hard to take seriously any requests for donations coming from the Archdiocese of Washington.

The address?  It's 4110 Warren Street, in the neighborhood of American University.  That's quite the tony area.  So much for mortification and penance!  I opined that McCarrick was probably taking "one for the team" and would be repaid via a comfortable retirement.  Was that a good call, or what?  The cabal was probably hoping, in this strategy, that we would be satisfied with McCarrick's removal and forget about pursing matters further.  They couldn't have been more incorrect.


  1. Uncle Teddy should be in an 80 square foot prison cell! (Without a housekeeper).

  2. What's also interesting is the about face of the #fakenews legacy media. They thought that by picking the low hanging fruit again, i.e. bashing the Church for sex scandal, they could take some of the spotlight off Hollywood/DNCPolitics #meeto and direct it against the Church, only to find out that they are bringing down the entire rotten FrancisChurch tree, and their #Homoclericalist people who sit in it.

    Those are the same people that gave cover for years to Democrats so that the average Catholic could vote for them.

    Talk about a lack of foresight?

    Leftist are not the brightest stars in the cosmos...


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