Friday, September 13, 2013

Flower Power! It's Baaaack!!

It certainly is in Boulder, Colorado!  It has, for some time, had a reputation as a tree-hugger haven.  But now the local government seeks to ensconce that reputation in law.  They want to "acknowledge the right of ..ecosystems and native species populations to exist and flourish".  If these "rights" are violated, that is considered ecocide!

Do unborn children have the right in Boulder to "exist and flourish"?  Oh, don't be silly!  They remain fodder for Planned Parenthood and all the rest of the real predators.

Such priorities!  One can decapitate and dismember tiny children (as long as they're in their mothers' wombs), but don't you dare think of removing the petals from a petunia or (eek!) cutting down a tree lest you be guilty of the high crime and misdemeanor called "ecocide"!

In Boulder CO, the insane have seized control of the asylum!

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