Monday, September 16, 2013

Vibrant Church? NOT!

I link now to an article from Radio Vaticana.  It is an account of an interview given by Pope Francis.  It was originally written in Italian and translated into English by the website.  I certainly hope it is a poor translation, for this quote of Pope Francis's is otherwise unbelievable.  It is, "I dare say that the Church has never been so good as today. The Church does not collapse.  I'm sure, I'm sure."  Of course the Church will never collapse; we have Our Lord's promise of that.  But "never so good as today"?  Again, I hope that is not what the Holy Father intended; the choppy style gives me hope that this rendition is simply a faulty translation.

Folks, let's face it.  We have churches closing down, Catholics not attending Mass and those attending not knowing their faith and not caring about their ignorance.  All this and much more greatly diminishes chances of them attaining their eternal salvation.  While the Church won't collapse, there's no gainsaying that she is in rotten shape.  That's not to be a pessimist, but we must be honest if we're going to be able to improve things.

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