Monday, September 2, 2013

Wasn't Abortion Supposed To Prevent This?

First, let's start with a passage from Scripture, Isaiah 49:15.  "Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne?"

Since the legalization of abortion, babies have been seen as disposable commodities more and more; thus says Peter Singer (he may be a callous eugenicist, but he's up front about it!).  It is all too common to hear of babies being thrown in the trash and flushed down toilets.  My childhood was spent in that quaint era before Roe v Wade, when babies were rightly seen as persons and worthy of protection.  Now that we're living in the era of "every child a wanted child", news of such maltreated babies comes to us at least monthly.

Last March a Boston-area ob/gyn related her bizarre experience with a teenager who gave birth to a premature boy, stuffed him in a bread bag and tried to flush him down the toilet.  Fortunately her blood was noticed flowing from the rest room door and hospital security prevented that murder.  Last May we learned of a baby boy being flushed down a toilet in China.  By God's grace his cries were heard from sewer pipes and he was cut loose from the pipes and received treatment.

On August 17th in Bethlehem PA, Amanda Heim was watching a wrestling match in a sports bar.  She got up, went to the rest room, gave birth to her baby boy.  She then murdered him and stuffed his body in a toilet tank.  After that, in blood-stained clothes, she returned to the booth and continued to watch the wrestling match.  After receiving complaints of a non-functioning toilet, the bar management made the horrible discovery.  Recalling that a specific booth had blood stains on it, management gave the reservation information to police who then tracked down Heim.

During this past weekend in Jersey City NJ, some boys discovered an abandoned baby in a trash bag in back of an apartment complex.  They notified apartment superintendents who in turn called the police.  The boy is in stable condition.

So here we are, 40 years later.  More and more babies are literally being treated like garbage.  While we should be grateful for the decent people who did avert tragedy in these scenarios, what of all the one about which we don't hear?  May God grant us a spirit of repentance before He comes to judge us.

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  1. But they were unwanted and you know the mantra..."Every child a wanted child." And if not wanted, well, killing is the sensible alternative. Just call that Planned Parenthood 101.


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